We want our attorneys to do more than just serve clients in the best possible way. We want our attorneys to live our values and to integrate in our community.

Do we have a match?

We carefully recruit our attorneys. To be an attorney at Van Olmen & Wynant takes more than technical or legal expertise and being able to follow up matters in the best possible way. We want our attorneys to live our values, to have a sense of entrepreneurship, to integrate in our community and to get involved in continuous growth of our organization and improvement of our processes.  

What you get in return is a competitive compensation, challenging work, a stimulating environment, clear talent investment strategy and a great team to be part of. 

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Training and education

The first and best source of knowledge is often the firm itself. Our knowledge manager ensures information is shared and made available to everyone in addition to internal seminars and regular meetings within our internal legal practice and discussion groups. 

Our attorneys regularly participate in conferences, seminars and legal education programs. 

Personal development

VOW Academy helps our attorneys to develop non-legal skills: drafting, communication, networking, delegation etc.

Bonding being one of the key values of our firm, we stimulate attorneys early on to network, to join professional organizations (in Belgium and abroad), to participate in events and to develop new relationships.

We help our attorneys to build privileged relationships with clients and to create business understanding. Our attorneys regularly take on secondment assignments with clients. 

Career development

Diversity is enriching and indicates that ambitions and needs are personal and depend on the stage of one’s career. Our STAR Career Path allows us to stay in tune with this reality. 

We help our attorneys to develop their careers whatever stage they are in and offer various career paths focusing on individual strengths and ambitions.

Our compensation package is flexible and allows alternative choices such as temporary or part-time engagement, sabbaticals, work/study programs and international secondments.

VOW Community

Van Olmen & Wynant is a community and goes beyond just ‘working’. We do things together because we believe it makes us better attorneys and a better firm … and because it’s fun. Take responsibility and have fun.

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