• It has the advantages of a small firm with none of the drawbacks; there is a personal feel, but the team can handle big and important mandates. 


  • Employment & corporate law boutique Van Olmen & Wynant provides “to the point”, “solution driven” advice and “excellent value for money”. 

    The Legal 500

  • We appreciate the team’s business acumen and solution-orientated approach.


    The Firm

    Van Olmen & Wynant is an independent law firm offering quality services in employment and corporate law and litigation. Established in 1993, we are a stable and established player in the Brussels legal market.

    Our double niche strategy offers a double win for our clients. We have the resources to dig deep and offer highly specialised advice in our niche areas. But our niche approach also allows us to remain agile and flexible, resulting in tailored solutions with a personal and pragmatic touch.

    A dedicated team of experienced, multilingual professionals serves a wide range of business clients such as growth companies, multinationals, public companies and government institutions.

    Our core values underlie and drive our services: We achieve results. We bond and we share. We care and unburden.

    Based in Brussels, the firm enjoys outstanding international contacts and has developed close working relationships with high quality law firms across the globe.

    Our Values

    We Achieve

    • We solve conflicts and look at all the options. Litigation can be but must not be a means to solve a conflict effectively.
    • We make deals happen. Safeguarding business progress is our mission.
    • We win-win negotiations. The world is too small for win-lose outcomes. We help clients building partnerships. 

    We Bond

    • Sharing is in our DNA. We share knowledge, experience and relationships.
    • We bring people and ideas together. The best results are obtained when minds interact. 
    • We are curious to understand. The solution is not in the law. It’s in the law applied to the context.

    We Care

    • We unburden. We make your concerns our concern and let you concentrate on what you love to do: your business.
    • We coordinate and facilitate. We gladly take up the project manager position.
    • We go the extra mile. We see what you may not have seen yet and anticipate your expectations.
    Our expertise


    Van Olmen & Wynant wants to be a generous contributor to society. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge & networking with peers and professionals across countries and sectors. 

    • We are a proviliged partner of the IBJ, the federal professional association of company Lawyers
    • We are founding partner of L&E Global, an international alliance of law firms
    • We are priviliged partner of Corporify, an easy to use platform that makes the legal management of companies more practical, more accurate and more trustworthy.
    • By offering free legal advice we support social, cultural and business charities such as Klarafestival, SOS Kinderdorpen and Failing Forward