Disciplinary law: the pitfalls of the plurality of grounds

VOW Partner Vincent Vuylsteke has published a new article, titled "Droit disciplinaire : les pièges de la pluralité des motifs (C.E, 24 septembre 2019, n°245.508)" on Le Blog du Secteur Public of IFE

When a civil servant is subject to disciplinary proceedings, it may happen that this is not because of a single event, but a series of different and sometimes unrelated events. In such cases, particular attention should be paid to the formal grounds for the disciplinary decision, in particular to avoid the possibility that complaints against a fact considered to be rather secondary, might lead to the rejection of the entire decision by the Council of State. 

In his contribution, Vincent Vuylsteke comments on a recent decision of the Council of State of 24 September 2019, in which the Council reminds us of the pitfalls of such a plurality of grounds. The full article is freely available to read on the Blog (in French).

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